He sat forlorn, feeling as if that most feared enemy of sleep had entered silently on a busy night, the one person whom you must come face to face with someday, who asks you, in the earshot of your oldest customers, to mix a cocktail whose name you have never heard.                        – V.

I’ll be drinking my way through every beverage I find in the pages of Pynchon. This could take a while. Let me know if you spot any I’ve missed!

pynchon whiskey

Anything that can get drunk, he reasoned, must have some soul.  -V.

3 Replies to “About”

  1. Just heard your podcast episode. Great intro to your blog. Always nice to hear another Aussie talking about Pynchon.

  2. Your site will be reviewed (positively!) in a forthcoming book by Cambridge University Press, “Pynchon in Context”, Chapter 41,

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