My edition: Picador 1975

Vodka with milk, with canned vegetable soup, with watermelon juice – p.18

Pina Colada – p.42

Chablis punch – p.69

Chivas Regal Scotch – p.124

Gallo wine with ice – p.135

Coffee with a big shot of brandy – p.149

Broglio wine – p. 158-161

A bottle of Rufina – p.176

Absinthe (and water) – p.195, 398

A krug of Munich beer – p.203

A litre fiasco of Chianti – p. 212

An abominable imitation of Munich beer – p. 228

Homemade beer – p.231

A boilermaker – p.284

Homemade wine – p.296

150-proof rum and pineapple juice – p.298

Vino Paisano – p.348

Gallo Grenache Rosé – p.348

Chilean Riesling – p.348

Torpedo juice – p.372

Schenley Reserve – p.372

After-shave lotion – p.375

A fifth of Old Stag – p.375

A shot of something murky in an unlabelled bottle – p.377

A magnum of champagne – p.422

Guiness stout – p.430

Something dark in a glass that fizzed – p.432

Sloe gin fizzes  – p.453

Barcelona beer – p.470, 473

2 Replies to “V.”

  1. Chablis punch? Ch. 3 section II, Yusef, who is assigned to the punch bowl at a dinner in the Austrian Consulate: ‘hands were sticky with Chablis punch.’

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