Tom Pynchon’s Liquor Cabinet

Every drink in every Pynchon novel.

Inherent Vice


A gigantic pitcherful of Margaritas – p.59, 60

Boilermaker – p.59, 93

An 85% mickey of muscatel – p.68

…………………… of tokay -p.68

Shots of sake chased with iced champagne – p.81

Singapore Sling – p.83

Tequila zombie – p.92, 93

Dr Brown’s Cel-Ray – p.96

A huge can of Australian beer – p.99

Burgermeister beer spiked with LSD – p.105, 106

Midnight Special – p.112, 113, 315

A bottle of Cuervo – p.143

Cachaça with beer chasers – p.160

Cocktails of visine and inexpensive wine – p.164

Pomegranate martini – p.173

Dom Pérignon – p.181, 239

Ramos gin fizz – p.227

Grapefruit margarita – p.237

Frozen mai tai – p.237

Burgie – p.260

A six-pack of Coors – p.303

A thermos full of Orange Julius – p.340

A West Highland malt made exclusively for the Portola Club – p.344

Rum and coke – p.344

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