Bleeding Edge

My edition: The Penguin Press 201317208457

Mamajuana – p.16

Pinot E-Grigio – p.20

Night Train – p.20

Ceres Cafe “mixed drink” – p.23

Zima – p.45

Zimartini (Zima and Vodka) – p.48

Papa Doble/Brugal Papa Doble – p.55/p.163

’71 Tignanello – p.66

Nero d’Avola – p.66

Fernet-Branca (with ginger ale chaser) – p.70/p.360

Tequila Sunrise – p.77

Mai Tai – p.77/p.397

Soju Wallbanger – p.154

Rum and coke – p.163

Presidente beer – p.163

’85 Sassicaia – p.172

PBR – p.187/p.303

’91 white Bordeaux – p.192

Jägermeister and 151 – p.222

Mojito – p.223

Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray (honourary mention)  – p.278

Rolling Rock – p.295

Tanqueray No. 10 – p.303

Patrón Grand Platinum – p.303

The Macallan – p.303

Stolichnaya Elit – p.303

Frozen Machine Margaritas – p.303

160 Proof New Jersey vodka – p.330

‘King Kong’ (Crown Royal plus banana liqueur) – p.360

Oversize bottle of vodka named after a Lithuanian basketball player – p.386

Old-Time Eggnog – p.402

Organic mimosa – p.434

Hypnotiq – p.450

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