The Macallan

I first cracked open Tom Pynchon’s Liquor Cabinet and got stuck into the Chivas Regal four years ago today. That seems like a good excuse for more whisky.

DSC_9678.jpgThe Macallan graces the same top shelf Bleeding Edge Silicon Alley party bar where we found Stolichnaya Elit and Tanqueray No. 10. Those were both very pleasant, but if I were at that party with Maxine and co, this would definitely be my pick.

Despite the definite article on the name, there isn’t just one “The Macallan.” I’ve got the twelve-year-old Fine Oak version. The nose is sherry, cinnamon, marzipan, and orange. It tastes of honey, dried apricot, citrus, oak, and, um, whisky. It’s really very elegant throughout, rich but still light, smooth, a little sweet and a little spicy. Delightful.


The Macallan hails from the Speyside region of Scotland, making it a plausible candidate for an appearance in Against the Day as well.

Around page 230, Lew Basnight and the Grand Cohen are visiting Madame Natalia Eskimoff to discuss news of Renfrew and Werfner obtained through a séance. Their discussions are accompanied by some very pleasant catering:

Madame Eskimoff’s tweeny had brought out tea and a gâteau, as well as a twelve-year-old Speyside malt and glasses. They sat in a sort of comfortable electrical dusk, and the Cohen, unable quite to let go of the topic, discoursed on Renfrew and Werfner.

I have no gâteau, but the Macallan alone makes for a delightful blog birthday celebration. Cheers to however many more years forging on through the list!

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