Slow Learner


My edition: Little, Brown 1984

Vermouth – p.44

Tom Collins – p.49

Homemade muscatel -p.55,66

Martinis – p.57,58

Home-made Chianti – p.69

A jeroboam of champagne -p.70

Champagne fifths – p.81

A monster tequila sour – p.85, 86, 89, 91

Punch – p.110, 111

Vöslauer – p.115

White lightning – p.162

Moxie – p.165

A fifth of Jim Beam – p.174

From other early stories not included in Slow Learner

Fifth of Scotch / Scotch on the rocks – from “Mortality and Mercy in Vienna”

Brandy and Soda – as above

Chianti – as above

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