Pommery (Merry Christmas!)

Merry Christmas, Pynchondom! I hope you’re enjoying it with good friends and family and that your relatives’ paranoid conspiracy theories are at least entertaining. Here, we’ve pulled a festive bottle of Pommery Champagne from Against the Day to celebrate. The company is more sinister there — Foley Walker and Scarsdale Vibe drink some after Vibe evades an anarchist’s assassination attempt:

They were up in the grand dining room at the Bauer-Grünwald eating roast tenderloin of lamb and guzzling Pommery. The room was busy with eaters whose supply of cash far exceeded any degree of hunger they could remember or imagine.

Against the Day, p. 744

Gladstone, Queensland, Australia in 2019 has not a heap in common with the Venice of the early 20th century, but the Pommery does still flow! It was even on sale at the local bottle-o. Have a great new year all, and may 2020 fortunes run more towards the anarchists and less the Scarsdale vibes!

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