My sister described this Louis Jadot 2015 Pouilly-Fuissé as tasting of peach followed by buttery toasted pastry. Her palate must have developed some since last year’s bottle of Graves, where she managed “fruity.”

This wine, a Burgundy chardonnay, comes to us from not only the same book as the Graves, but the very same sentence. The Chums of Chance produce the two bottles from the cellar aboard the Inconvenience to cheer up their very sophisticated ship dog after the ship is robbed:

The wine-cellar had been none-too-discreetly ransacked by the Gurkhas, but Miles was able to locate a ’00 Pouilly-Fuissé and a ’98 Graves which met Pugnax’s approval, and he fell to and, presently, asleep.

Against the Day, p. 443.

As usual, I’ve taken some liberties with the vintage. But it is tasty stuff! Pugnax knows where it’s at.

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